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  1. Lupo update: "Criminal" series for floor, MFF forced, 7 stages. Regular: https://mega.nz/#!dxJEGYjZ!8Z6pUWhJ7UzrO0pRvmY0jsntlXK-DQc9gxFAZQjw1no Fin version: https://mega.nz/#!E5QwRSjS!lDg-MBpQNCxbMcxUyKHlDHU1ug1h7xsVpafeCEvCm58
  2. Lupobianco update: "Not a gentleman" series for single bed, a drunk attack type of sequence. Normal: https://mega.nz/#!plBSDC4b!Gf4iIqXEioZU_qGaywORL5JXFuLU2HPTg7RwQ4Ul0bU Modded: https://mega.nz/#!AtZ0zIJJ!nOoicfpT3t9nnbEmAmrhIqt_WtaQBhxc_yjaAqWoBP8 IMPORTANT FOR MODDED USERS: since some people were confused by the name, I shortened it and added a space. So now it's "Lupobianco_Fin_Version". Delete "Lupobianco_finfinversion" then add the new update.
  3. Zorak update: a MFF series for double bed (6 animations), college-themed. https://mega.nz/#!A4pVkYCK!89mKIJVU8c9z8Ac5CEEQCLqpDC1fyjsDChavpC3VZsI
  4. Lupobianco update: "Penis eater" for toilet stalls (university dlc). Normal: https://mega.nz/#!1xA0DIhI!2AoXXL__4YgXdZV-PQwgI9eDERiOVJtPEU4_VGh0Seo Modded: https://mega.nz/#!k4IkBaxB!w0WdW9YeVkO6movyAfU1It7GFySs6Mq91Hvsntl5TJ8 Happy new year!
  5. SalarmoJ update: Happy Holidays 2.0, solo f sequence for CC Candy stick deco. Animation: https://mega.nz/#!d9JjFADI!_PNLRQmwzlMgVBPp7TUQHnCTzy6r1lv7w7uR9xsZi1k Candy stick CC: https://mega.nz/#!01AFTIaL!kGWpcJbZ9IpYFSIVHMGJ57F0GYsxJS4b7a3LhgnVlow
  6. Lupobianco update (modded version): it now includes the new Lupo LL free update "XXXMas" (MFFFF or MF for chimney). https://mega.nz/#!Y94jRSwA!0GgLbHxO3dP8z_IMz8_1s04wKonMcH2fnDzDHgdKHU4
  7. SalarmoJ update: "Happy Holidays" mini-festive series for the Snowman, or SalarmoJ's custom snowman. Animations: https://mega.nz/#!F8AmRazL!42WtJ6hldHjjTwTm2bgpES6VP3mx_iZyptwR1UZCmuo Custom snowman: https://mega.nz/#!MsYEkarZ!QPmMNtCyDtapf6SnNQiVkbchuubre97cdepfDaCBeN8 She also made a custom dressing table for those who don't have the dlc (for Sensual MILF series): https://mega.nz/#!F0B0wAza!-gh6a_sxoO_KxiK3Zdrjjz23giPAvUAV9MXa5C_57ZA Merry christmas!!
  8. Fouyaya update, courtesy Brian: https://mega.nz/#F!Zl4UFABD!KEDh7JO0B2Brr4JE0b3i4g?cxRi1IrZ Changelog:
  9. SalarmoJ update: Sensual MILF series for the Coiffeuse de champs table (found in mirrors): https://mega.nz/#!VhQwXAiC!4bvUkNAdLxuPkHUANbQtz-_UPclYrgjw4YSeOFAzi18 Preview:
  10. Simtasia Patreon animation, courtesy of Cratex: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/1498960/
  11. Thanks! Lupo update: "Just men" series, MM or MMMM for single bed. Regular: https://mega.nz/#!g4ZVgADA!NEbALdz1E7a_keIOJ0s37atryaCI6dWofQSVNlusybY finfin modded: https://mega.nz/#!YsQDyKbR!JfvuI4Xxhg66GaU3BBCkwOt4Fz0yyjwPAptMl4Z0NeE
  12. Did he say specifically what this is?
  13. Motherlode update courtesy of Jayeei: https://mega.nz/#!frwh3ahS!dvRwuaJCVDNYoqHQbCOarR-9lL-JwpDxMIr7dvdsEPA Added: MFF double bed blowjob with selfie. It required this new cellphone by Motherlode: https://mega.nz/#!Gzo1zKTA!0tT5-FL5Z46s9i_wysDb7sNP51oqIKAHG-8Odpd0gGU
  14. WW 149.3 (courtesy of NunyaBizness) : http://www.simfileshare.net/download/1482647/ Changelog:
  15. There are some really good animations among these, especially Golden88 🙂 Lupobianco update "Just Kiss Me" sequence for floor, 6 animations. Regular: https://mega.nz/#!x5oiRQzS!0C6TvATmG88NYjX39Uc4mpNsnM9bdGR2o85ppFw53h4 Finfin modded: https://mega.nz/#!VlgyRCoK!tNbCAsDF4Ku3IKzsT041rW54LrhmKXHYC1wO-QMGWws
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