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  1. anybody got the new realgens penis design "marshall" from simdulgence ?
  2. can anyone please upload simdulgence content from January 1st till today it had been like 1 month since last update.
  3. can anyone share new simdulgence update? body hair,details and boxers? thanks
  4. festive boxers from simdulgence anyone?
  5. i downloaded this somehow it's showing festive lingerie not father winter hair and gens
  6. just wanted to ask the Update: 1.3 of body hair is also related to females or he added more male swatches?
  7. OHHHHHH thankyou so much mike you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. anyone got simdulgence body hair 1.4 and father winter hair + gens ?
  9. what is the difference b/w darkfantasy and DF ? aren't they both same?
  10. Anyone got the jockstrap and realgens 1.6 update by simdulgence?
  11. already checked 😄 but he updated his patreon last week but Simdulgence Patreon stuff doesn't include them cuz it's till 11/5 update.
  12. yeah i already saw that in objects category, but i checked his patreon there's bunch of stuff after 11/5 update like new mesh underwear and realgens 1.6 and stuff also bodyhair i think.
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